Smiley's Mini Blog

Had Fun at Cypress Lakes 6/21/11

We were at Kentucky Lake. We went swimming every single day. We made a lot of new friends and saw some old friends too. We played with Mason and Anna Dudly and KaleyGrace and Cassidy Perch. All of us played light saber fighting and at the playground. The worst part of the trip was when I went swimming and I accidentally left my DSi game in my swimming trunks. I saw it at the bottom of the pool with my goggles and grabbed it. Good thing my birthday is in 16 days.

I can't wait for the next tournament but I'm happy to be home for a few weeks.



Missed Dad this week 6/6/11

I skiped a blog because I was too busy doing school work. Daddy was in Washington DC and we stayed home this time. We rode our scooters a lot! All of us missed him. The last time we were in Washington DC, we were in a big tornado and when it was over our awning was broken on top of the camper! It was scary. We got into the bath tub in the camper and prayed a lot. There were a lot of trees that fell down because of the wind too. Some of them landed on top of some campers.

Daddy finished in 32 at the tournament. We are going to Kentucky next week to camp. I think my friend Mason Dudley is going to be there too. I can't wait to get there soon and see my friends.



Getting ready for Branson 4/19/11

We didn’t get to go to Tennessee this year because Nene (Grandma) can’t drive yet. Daddy went by himself. I sleep with mom to keep her company while Daddy is out of town.

I’ve been doing a lot of school and going to gymnastics. Mom bought me a new Mario Cart race track for doing perfect at school.

We drive Nene everywhere. Today we took her to Physical Therapy and got to see her exercise machines. Next, she went to the dentist. Last, we have to take her to get her hair cut. All in one day! She really needs us. I like to help her and hold the door for her.

We are going to Branson soon in Daddy’s big truck. I’ll write ya a great blog after that tournament!


My trip to South Carolina 3/29/11
Dad went to South Carolina for a week. We missed him while he was gone. We came down later too and we dropped Isabella to the doctor for them to take care of her while we were gone. We met Dad down there and got two new shiny trucks. We brought Nene too but she had to use a step stool to get in and out of the truck.
Dad finished in 8th place and he got a golden and silver trophy. We went out to eat after that and then the next day we went home. I rode with Dad the whole way home in the big truck and Macy rode with Mom and Nene behind us. It was a short trip but I had a lot of fun!

My trip to Arkansas 3/10/11

Me walking Isabella in my new hat!

We had to go to Arkansas for a big tournament. We took Grampy with us too. On the first day of the tournament Daddy finished in first place and on the last day he finished in seventh place and won a golden trophy.

One day we went to the War Eagle Mill and walked across a bridge with Ms Janice. We even fed the ducks and geese. Me and Macy played at the playground by our camp site quite a bit after school. We had fun except when we had a tornado warning one night, that was scary and the lightning was very bad. 

On the way home Grampy accidentally left his cane in the bathroom when we stopped for gas. Daddy called them and they said they would mail it to us. 


My Florida Trip 2/7/11

Daddy caught a huge fish at lake Okeechobee. We went to the beach and saw Portuguese Man O War on the beach. They sting people and about ninety people had to go to the hospital in a week. We even went to the swimming pool with our friends the next day. At the beach we saw 5 sharks in the water too. I had fun at the play ground and on the last day we played shuffle board and Daddy won. It was warm and I think it is still cold at our house. I am in the truck playing DS with Macy and the dog is being bad.

I went underwater with my goggles at the beach and I showed Macy how to do it at the pool the next day. Now we can both swim underwater. Mommy built a huge sand castle and I helped her.We went out in the bass boat and Mommy caught a bass. I also found two shark's teeth at the beach one day I think that was cool!



I'm Mitchell 12-1-10

Hi, my name is Mitchell and I am 8. I like to fish sometimes. I can't wait until we go to Florida. It's fun to travel. It is hot there. I can't wait to go to the beach. The last time I was in Florida I saw alot of palm trees. It is Fun in Florida!
I want to have a camp fire at our camp site if we have a cold night so we can roast marshmallows.