Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Got The New Rides!

Dave writes...

Me and Smiley are in our brand new 2011 Siverado HD, heading through the mountains on I-77 North. There’s about 4 inches of fresh snow here and its 30 degrees. It’s hard to believe that we’re in North Carolina, it actually looks like home. My truck is telling me to be cautious, that the roads could be icy, which is cool. It also tells me when there is slow traffic ahead, and so far it has been right every time. Technology today blows my mind.

What an awesome truck! Our new Dually and Suburban were delivered to South Carolina, but since Anne and the kids were not coming to this event I wasn’t sure how I was going to get our new trucks back home. As it turned out, Nene (Anne’s mom) wanted to take a trip, so they loaded up Mithcell and Macy in the old diesel and headed south. They showed up for the day 3 weigh-in along with my cousins who live near Anderson. Cathy, Frank and their sons, James and Joel, and their families attended the final day weigh-in in Greenville, SC. It was there first time seeing a live weigh-in and they were impressed and seemed to enjoy it. It was nice seeing them as we’ve kind of lost touch since they moved away several years ago. I think we’ll probably be going back to Lake Hartwell soon, so we plan on hooking up with my cousins again.

Anne is towing the Frosted Flakes Ranger behind me with the new Suburban. The wrap looks awesome. Nene and Macy are with her for the ride home, so we have the “boy truck” and the “girl truck” as Smiley likes to say, lol.

The diesel is black and has a Chevy wrap, it looks mean. I love driving it, so does Anne. The kids call it the big bad truck for obvious reasons and they like it a lot too. It does have the DVD player in it for their movies and a moon roof like the Suburban, and of course, just like the last one, it has a ton of space in it. I had the 5th wheel hitch installed and we will be hooking up the big trailer for the next trip to Lake Chickamauga, in Tennessee. The HD has 1200 miles on it now and without the trailer is averaging 17.1 miles to the gallon…that’s incredible, especially considering all the steep hills we encounter on this particular route.

One new feature I noticed is that my new truck has a USB port inside the center console so I can plug my Ipod directly into it. That’s pretty neat, I’m sure there are plenty of cool things we haven’t discovered yet too as there are a lot of unfamiliar buttons, ha ha. 

I finished in 8th place at Hartwell, my second top 10 in as many FLW Tour Majors. There are 4 more to go and the rest of the schedule suits me perfectly. Needless to say, I’m very excited about the rest of the season and have my sights set on my number one goal, Angler of the Year. There’s a ton of fishing left in 2011 and a bunch of crazy good anglers in hunt, but I’m feeling good this year…really really good!


Anne writes...

Well, we just got back from a very short trip to Lake Hartwell, South Carolina.  We didn’t leave with Dave this time because we had business to take care of at home. I talked my mom into going with us for the weekend to see Dave and to pick up our new Silverado HD. My mother broke her leg back in October and has been going to physical therapy for a couple months. She can walk pretty well with her cane but we had to use a step stool to get her in and out of the dually diesel truck. It was a pretty funny sight! That was a very fast and comfortable ride. My mom was amazed at how nice that truck rides.

 Poor Isabella the puppy had to be boarded at the vet. Apparently, she had a wonderful time according to the staff! She is a social butterfly and loves everybody, even the resident catsJ.   When we got her home, she ripped through the house at a hundred miles an hour for 10 minutes straight!  That was pretty funny. There is no place like home.

The weigh-in was awesome! I haven’t seen that many people at a weigh-in since the Championship. The people in South Carolina are so friendly and really get into bass fishing. Dave finished in 8th place with his second top ten in a row. We are very proud of him! I got to see baby Wiley again, Brian and Allison Thrift’s new addition. He is a cutie! I haven’t gotten to hold him yet because his grandmas never put him down for a minute!
I felt bad for Jimmy Houston. Poor guy had an awesome bag of fish and couldn’t count them because he was late coming in on the 3rd day. He always smiles and laughs no matter what happens. Not to mention the guy knows more jokes than anyone I’ve ever met in my life!  I love the FLW staff and fishermen. We are like one big traveling family and we take great care of each other.

It was neat to see the change in scenery driving from northwest PA, down south. Once you get to Virginia, its like spring has sprung! The buds on the trees were so beautiful! The sun is finally out today but it’s only in the 30’s. It’s the kind of day to sit in a sunny window to warm your soul.

I hope everyone is well, healthy and happy. Think Spring!

Anne Lefebre

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